The Rogy Pro Crew was Hired to travel to Costa Rica for about a week for a wonderful project with IBM. The goal was to produce a Spanish Micro Documentary for IBM. In this Micro documentary, IBM showcased how it will use Data, Analytics, and Technology to help small farmers prepare for the future of farming.

Rogy Pro
Rogy Pro Crew in Costa Rica

IBM Paves The Way For Small Farmers

The Spanish Micro Documentary showcases the small farmers of this Coopesarapiqui, Plan 21 and professors in the agricultural field. Not only are we excited for the benefits of this project with IBM but we see the importance of allowing this voices to be heard. Above all, we know this project will help small farmers use new resources to help the world in farming.

Coopesarapiqui is one of the organization we worked with in Costa Rica. This organization has small agricultural producers located in the San Carlos and Sarapiqui area. In particular, the main objective of the association is to help coffee production for its associates which are small coffee producers. With this in mind, it was wonderful that the organization collaborated with us. Thanks to this, we were allowed to film in Mi Cafecito, a coffee plantation they run.

In Mi Cafecito we got to interview the voices of leaders in this project, and coffee producers and leaders in Coopesarapiqui. Surprisingly, we also had the opportunity to film the process of coffee making. Therefore we saw the process from the fertilizer to the final packaging. 

Rogy Pro Experiences The Culture of Costa Rica

It was a new experience for the Rogy Pro Crew to be able to see the process of coffee from beginning to end. In an exciting moment, they allowed us to pick some of the coffee plants ourselves. It was all a wonderful experience from coffee picking to seeing the coffee plantion itself. Best of all we loved being surrounded by gorgeous nature, stunning views of mountains, and the waterfalls the plantation has on location.

Rogy Pro Interviewing a coffee producer in Mi Cafecito

Rogy Productions interviewed and filmed at the conference that was being highlighted that week. The Conference was held at a local University and it showcased the project IBM is working on. Hence we were able to see how small agriculture farmers are being affected in farming. Furthermore we hope this project will assist for a better production in Costa Rica.

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The Rogy Pro Crew also got to experience different food as well, not only did we eat at Mi Cafecito but different locations in town. We learned of local plates such as Casado, which includes a protein of choice accompanied by their classical sides that are custom in the Costa Rica.  We were surprised to find that the food was not only delicious with its seasoning but it also tasted very fresh! Our palates were definitely delighted.

In our day off and we visited some amazing places such as Volcan Arenal and Lake Arenal. We got to see plenty of gorgeous nature! There was different animals such as monkeys, birds, alligators and magnificent sights. We also made the time to visit the Fortuna waterfall which is absolutely stunning and gorgeous and one of the highlights of our trip.

The weather was absolutely perfect during this trip, we got to see sunny beautiful days as calm rainy days, and all combined this country was a wonderful experience.

If you would like to learn more about this wonderful project, you can head to the See Change sessions website to learn more.

Even though we traveled back to the U.S. a piece of our hearts stays in Costa Rica!

As they say in Costa Rica, Pura Vida!
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