On July 12, 2023 the Rogy Pro team headed to Las Vegas, Nevada. The team had the opportunity to be the media team for Pepsi’s new Lemon-Lime drink STARRY at the WNBA Live event.

Media Team
Rogy Pro Media Team at The STARRY court

The WNBA Live event is a two-day fan festival, which happened on July 14 and July 15, 2023. In detail, the event allows fans to experience basketball in celebration of the WNBA All Star game. The two-day fan festival brings different vendors that allow fans to interact with basketball activities. Therefore, STARRY had a few different activities occur in their court.  

STARRY launched in January 2023 and is the official drink of the NBA and WNBA. With STARRY being a new drink, as a team, we were very excited  about being able to capture the STARRY Court!

Rogy Pro Media Team Captures STARRY Court

First, the Starry court had the shoot your shot competition in which you could win $33,333 dollars daily in a 3 point competition. It was fun to capture and film the fans as they competed for the top prize. The fans varied from being very driven and focused to giving it a shot just in case they could win. The Rogy pro team focused on capturing the positive energy that was present from the audience.

Rogy Pro Media Team at the STARRY court

Secondly, the Rogy Productions team filmed as many experienced the STARRY drink in the sampling studio. Not only did the studio have the STARRY drink, they also included the  STARRY zero sugar available for tasting. Undoubtedly, STARRY was the needed boost most needed as they waited for the competition and enjoyed the event.

Rogy Pro Media Team Capturing the STARRY Drink

WNBA All Stars Make An Appearance

Additionally, All Star WNBA basketball players made an appearance throughout the day at the STARRY court. We had the opportunity to capture different appearances from A’ja Wilson, who is a starry embassador, and also this years WNBA ALL STAR MVP Jewell Loyd. There were other amazing All Star guest we captured as well such as Jackie Young, Napheesa Collier, Courtney Vandersloot and Allie Quigley.

Apart from our All Stars we also had a panel with A’ja Wilson, Yasmin Grant, Pam Kenn, and Jaren Jackson. Different topics were discussed but one of the prominent topics discussed, was about helping females in sports and even how  helping push forward the WNBA will help create a stronger path for women in sports.  

The Rogy pro team was very excited to be part of the opportunity to not only film and capture the STARRY drink but to see STARRY sponsor The WNBA which is helping females grow in their careers in sports.

Rogy Pro Team Explores Las Vegas

The Rogy pro team also had the opportunity to explore the Las Vegas area! This time we explored The Bellagio Conservatory, watched their fountain show, explored The Venetian. Additionally we also got to see the sphere for the first time, which looked majestic at night. The Las Vegas strip is always such a fun touristic attraction to enjoy and we couldn’t agree more after this trip!

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