It’s a brave new world here in this vast entrancing world. Covid 19 has affected everyone and we are no exception. One of the most important things that we have learned that this world can stand unified in difficult times. Many local businesses around the globe are facing the challenge of survival. At Rogy Productions, we are lucky to have a queue of Post-Production work and live streaming projects that have kept us busy these past two months. As Social Distancing becomes the new norm, and as Texas forces businesses to close non-essential operations, it is in times like this that it is important to support local businesses such as restaurants, and local vendors that can still safely produce and sell goods to meet their ends meet.

Many local businesses have turned to producing videos to reach their audiences and hiring us to produce a well polished edit for their audiences. From the Briscoe Museums “Night of Artists” to UT’s LBJ School of Public Affairs Graduation ceremony, we are doing our best to help the people that have trusted us since we planted our flag in this beautiful city of San Antonio.

Briscoe Museum’s “Night of Artist” Promotional Video Produced utilizing images from the exhibit that will run from March-July 2020.

We traveled to Katy, Texas, and were hired by the Epiphany of the Lord Catholic Church to Live Stream the Holy Week ceremonial procedures. As honorable as it was, it was still heartbreaking to see an empty church on what is usually the most important week for Christians. We gave them our best production experience. We ran into the challenge of being limited to 2 total Crew members for a 3 camera live-stream to comply with social distancing. Regardless of the situation that Covid 19 has placed upon Texas, thousands of vieweres tuned in on both the Youtube Stream and Facebook Stream. Even though the churches were empty, hearts were full on Holy Week.

This difficult situation will pass, and our hopes are that every person living their dream, owning their own business, musters their spirit and comes through stronger than before.

Our hearts are with all of you.