KROV FM San Antonio Radio Interview with Rogelio Zamora

Last weekend we shot a video for our friend Fred Williams at the San Antonio Book Festival. We filmed the panel where Mayor Ivy Taylor, Fred Williams, and others spoke about the locally written book called Black is the Color of Strength.

Fred was so happy with our work that he decided to invite our President and Producer Rogelio Zamora Chavez to his radio show, KROV FM San Antonio Community Radio, where he hosts Tuesdays and Thursdays! On April 23, 2015, Rogelio was interviewed by Fred on his journey through filmmaking and building a video production company from the ground up.

rogy productions krov fm san antonio

Rogelio spoke about his background, growing up in Brownsville, being passionate about film since a young boy, and working with his sister on homemade talk shows. He later explained how he made his way to San Antonio with the help of Michael Seringer while they worked on the documentary called Diabetesville, USA.

Listen below to catch the second part of the interview!

Big thanks to Fred and KROV for having us on the show!