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January 11, 2016 Video Tips

By 2019, video will dominate 80% of consumer internet traffic, according to Cisco. Netflix and and YouTube are now America’s largest bandwidth users. The use of video marketing is proving to be the most effective for brand awareness and user engagement. Global consumer and media insights company, Nielsen, anticipates 64% of marketers will use video as their key marketing strategy.

america's biggest bandwidth users video

Below we highlight different uses of video for corporate conferences, symposiums, conventions, or any live event you will be attending or hosting:

  1. Extending the Reach of Your Message
    • Video increases the overall long term value of the event.
    • Videos of the event gives non-attendees or potential future attendees an inside look of the conference.
    • Attendees can relive moments such as keynote speakers, workshops, networking and any other important events they may have missed.
  2. Repurposing Footage
    • The footage can be used to create numerous videos to advertise the event through various marketing outlets such as social media, email newsletters, blogs, press releases, etc.
    • Videos allow you to promote or attract future sponsors.
    • Ability to share attendee testimonials on your website to appeal to new clients.

Tips for working with a video production company to film event:

  1. Go over the conference goals with your videographer before the event. Inform your videographer of the event schedule and any important highlights that need to be filmed.
  2. Schedule meeting to allow videographer to come in and scout the location.
  3. Have a tight budget? Hire a videographer to film event only and opt to do in-house editing.

Over the years, Rogy Productions has honed in on their video production skills to successfully capture conferences and events all over Texas. We own HD cameras to capture up to three angles of speakers, top of the line telephoto lenses for close-up shots of keynote speakers, experience communicating with A/V crew to capture crisp audio, carry portable lighting for quick testimonials, and offer backdrop station for interviews.

Rogy Productions serves small businesses, startups, corporate companies, and non-profits primarily in the San Antonio, Austin, and Houston areas. To request a video production quote or schedule a free consultation meeting, contact us at or (210) 418-4644.